5 Most Tourist-Friendly Countries with Disabilities

Before going on a trip or vacation, everyone must do a little research first. The destination is the main thing that must be known in depth. For some tourists who have special needs, information on how friendly their destination country is to persons with disabilities is very important. Moreover, they carry wheelchairs that require special public facilities. Sometimes they also bring extra gel cushion for wheelchair to keep their holiday going smoothly.

Several countries in the world have realized the importance of providing facilities for people or tourists with disabilities so that they can still have a comfortable vacation and enjoy the beauty that is offered.

Like the following 10 countries, you don’t need to worry about having difficulties in terms of its special facilities.

1. Berlin, Germany
In 2013, Berlin, Germany, won an award as a very friendly city for tourists with special needs. All public facilities have been specifically designed by providing various facilities for persons with disabilities. There are wheelchairs to special stairs.

2. Milan, Italy
Similar to Berlin, Milan also managed to get an award as the best city for tourists with disabilities in 2016. Italy managed to maintain the classic impression by adding various special facilities that are very modern.

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Friendly societies, low crime rates, to disability friendly, have all been obtained by the City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This makes the number of tourists every year increases.

4. Sidney, Australia
Looking for the country with the best facilities for disability, Sidney, Australia, should be on your list. The show at the Sydney Opera House has a special tour for those with special needs. Not only that, but restaurant facilities are also very friendly by providing various needs, such as wheelchairs and special toilets.

5. Denver, Colorado
Every state seems to have to study with Denver, Colorado, in terms of providing public transportation for people with disabilities. The city has buses, trains to special taxis for those with special needs and operates for 23 hours every day.

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