Difference Between Range Rover Evoque with Sport and Velar

Range Rover Velar, gaining position among the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Along the different dimensions, is directly proportional to the price. Velar is a smaller SUV than the Range Rover Sport, but larger than the Range Rover Evoque. Of course, this is also proportional to the price. Range Rover Sport has two choices of versions of HSE Lux and Autobiography, but only has one engine that is the V6 engine, 3,000 cc supercharger. While the Range Rover Velar has two engine options, namely 4 cylinders 2,000 cc turbo engine and V6 engine, 3000 superchargers. Especially for Range Rover Evoque WAE party only provides a variant of 2.0 plus 4 cylinder engine 2.000 cc turbo. The lightweight and rigid aluminum alloy wheels, combined with a double-wishbone suspension on the front and Integral Link at the rear (for a 2.0-liter engine variant) provide perfect support for its agile control, exceptional comfort and driving perfection. Needs on Range Rover can indeed be obtained through the specifications that we can provide the range rover hire.

As for the Velar V6 3.0 liter engine, get the air suspension that ensures more special driving comfort. Passenger safety guarantees within the Velar are also provided by a variety of safety features, ranging from six airbags to various driving aids systems. As for the Range, Rover Sports hybrid version has a power of 398 hp and can run as far as 50 km in electric mode. There is also a refreshment on the design side that includes changes to the grille, bumper, and the design of the main lights. For LED fog lights, will be made more slender and there is a new spoiler behind to show a more sporty impression. Equipped with the option of exterior package Carbon Fiber Exterior Pack and Supercharged Dynamic Black Exterior Pack making it look more attractive.

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