Orange Decoration Inspiration

Bored with the look of residential interiors? It’s time you create a new atmosphere by decorating the room so that it looks more aesthetic and provides maximum comfort. Have you ever thought about trying orange as a residential interior? Through this article, we will share room decoration references with orange elements. It is believed, the orange color can bring a new atmosphere so that the room looks more alive, warm and lively. If you want to get the best homeware store in Singapore, you can visit our website.

Decoration to liven up the living room
The orange color can enhance the look of the room which is dominated by furniture and neutral colored walls. As in the inspiration above, the family room seems more lively and dynamic thanks to the combination of orange and neutral colors such as gray and white on the walls and furniture. With appropriate placement, this orange chair becomes a focal point in the living room, while at the same time giving a very interesting impression because it can balance the appearance of a room dominated by neutral colors.

Highlight the impression of masculine with attractive decorations
Not always orange decoration shows feminine nature. As in the above inspirations, the orange-wall-mounted black wall display gives a firm and masculine impression in the bedroom. Here, wall decoration perfects the look of the bedroom which is dominated by neutral colors, enlivening the atmosphere of the room but does not seem excessive.

The orange color presents an active impression in the bedroom
A clean, airy and bright impression is obtained from this bedroom which is dominated by white nuances. However, the orange decoration accents give a new dimension so that the room seems more active and attractive. In addition, this room also incorporates natural elements through wooden tables and mini ornamental plants for the sake of a harmonious interior design that provides maximum comfort while resting.

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