Parents Must Know These 6 Tips To Drive A Car With Children

Even if it looks easy, driving with a car with children can be a challenge for us, especially if the child we bring is still a toddler. In some countries, awareness of the use of seat belts when driving a car is still low. Many still use seat belts to simply avoid police tickets. In fact, more than thousands of people each year survive an accident without suffering serious injury due to the discipline of using a seat belt. That’s why you must prioritize safety whenever you drive, especially with children. Meanwhile, you can visit if you want to rent a luxurious car for the sake of your child’s comfort and safety.

Here are 6 tips for driving in a car with children:

1. Use a car seat

Always use car seats for children under 6-5 years old. Because seat belts from car manufacturers have not been able to protect the small body of our child.

2. Pay attention to the position of the child’s feet

If the child’s feet have reached the bottom of the car, it means he no longer needs a car seat. Especially if his body is big enough, then he has to get used to ordinary car seats like adults.

3. Make sure the seat’s strap is tied until it clicks

Link the link according to the recommended security standard. This will be very useful when the vehicle experiences shocks or collisions.

4. Seat belts

Teach your 6-13-year-olds to be able to wear their own seat belts. Seat belts must cross the abdomen and chest. Do not let the seat belt still crosses his face.

Repeat the practice of using this seat belt to become a habit for him. Don’t forget to be a good example for the child by wearing a seatbelt yourself.

5. Be careful of the window

Make sure that you lock the window properly so that your child does not move the window up as he pleases. Do not let the child put out his hand especially his head when the car is running.

6. Provide food, drinks, and toys

Research says that children will be easily stressed if they stay in one place continuously without doing anything. Provide food, drinks, and toys for the child so he always has activities in the car.

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