This Is The Process Of Charcoal Burning By Using A Furnace

The diameter of wood that can still be burned in the dome furnace ranges from 10 -25cm. This wood does not need to be dried in the sun because it will actually hamper the production process. Then the wood is directly inserted into the dome with the position of the wood standing and structuring as hard as possible. This is to prevent the wood from becoming ash, because the wider the cavity, the greater the combustion. After everything has entered, the hole is tightly closed with bricks coated with clay. In the fire pit, small branches are inserted as the initial trigger of the combustion. The branches are included as far as possible but still accessible, this is to further accelerate the flame. In the meantime, you can visit furnacebuzz to get the best furnace.

All holes in the stove are left open first, except for the wood insertion holes that have been closed after the wood is inserted. Burning can be started immediately by burning a branch in the burning pit. Allow the flame to spread to the furnace and burn the parts evenly. This is indicated by the release of smoke from the furnace which takes about 6 hours.

After 6 hours, the initial combustion pit gradually began to be closed using bricks that were plastered to leave a small hole about 6X6 cm wide. henceforth, continue to regulate the existing air holes around the dome. Arrangement of air holes here, if the first air hole has seen embers, the hole must be closed immediately. And so on until the embers are visible until the upper hole and all the air holes are closed.

If the combustion process goes well, after 48 hours the smoke produced is thick and contains tar and wood vinegar. then at that time, the condenser can be installed. If the burning has been going on for 55 hours, the smoke has started to thin out and that means the burning process is complete and the charcoal inside the dome is ripe. What needs to be done is the furnace cooling process to stop combustion.

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